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Athens4 - Micon Lofts


Athens4, located in the heart of Athens, is a conception of its surroundings, influenced by its humble beginnings as a textile factory. We were inspired to pay tribute to Poliklitou St. by creating Athens4 using its former identity as a textile factory to guide our design. We chose to use a wide variety of unique textiles and wall coverings to combine the past and the present. Each level and each room are individually designed but perfectly complementary to one another. Our rooms were thoughtfully created to optimize space and comfort and enhanced by beautifully hand-crafted furnishings. Soft, luxurious linens and bed coverings promise a good night’s sleep and the Nespresso machine found in each room promises a good morning. At the ground level you will find our large common area where our fresh breakfast buffet is served every morning. Cozy couches and large tables offer you space to relax, read, work, and engage in conversation.

18 Micon Str - Micon Lofts

18 Micon Str

A hospitality destination in the heart of Athens. Drawing inspiration from the namesake of our street, our buildings past industrial life, and Psiri’s monumental transformation to a burgeoning hub of creativity, we have turned a historic workshop into a unique destination. There are more stories in our walls and in our streets than we can count – and it’s this rich and varied past that guides everything we do. Each room has been thoughtfully and individually designed using the 3elements of construction; cement, wood, and brick. A departure from standard indistinguishable rooms, where each element battles for dominance before achieving an ideal balance in our common areas, results in rooms with distinctive identities. Irrespectively the room you'll stay, we can assure you that our philosophy of Athenian Hospitality Redesigned will mean that your stay with us will be a genuine and memorable experience. Our focus has never been about chasing profit, rather we aim to maximize quality and experience in all we do which means your stay with us will never be ordinary or over-priced.


Asomaton ( = without a body ) has been three years in the making. The building was made from wood and stone in 1896, initially to function as a carriage wheel repair shop. It went on to become an elegant townhouse but has been abandoned for the last 20 years, so in close collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Culture this preserved building has been transform into a Boutique Hotel. Historical essence blends with a contemporary outlook; the building’s original stone has been carefully refinished, an indoor swimming pool was created, located very close to the Acropolis with amazing views for the terrace. New York based Greek artist Philip Chiaras hosts his artworks onsite.